Achieve by Brazos Minshew


Brazos Minshew

“Purpose is fundamental to health, healing, longevity and happiness.”

– Richard Leider


After our basic physical needs (breathe, hydrate, nourish, sleep, move) and our emotional needs (connect) are met, what comes next? Achieving our higher purpose is fundamental to our existence.34 As humans, we are the only species with the potential to direct our behavior and set our goals under the direction of a higher purpose. What we achieve in life reflects our purposefulness, or our purposelessness. It turns out that achieving a passionate purpose, attaining related goals and contributing to a greater good are vital to our health and longevity. Some health experts maintain that that having a meaningful purpose in life is as important to our health as eating nutritiously and being physically active.35 Indeed, achieving purpose in life consistently predicts a lower mortality risk across the lifespan from all causes with the same benefits for younger, middle-aged and older people―employed or retired.36,37

Living a life without achieving purpose has its pitfalls and risks when it comes to your overall health, wellbeing and quality of life. Whether you think of achieving your purpose in terms of fulfilling your potential, sharing your gift, giving back or helping your fellow man, it serves you and the planet well to achieve your purpose.38,39


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